New Questing path mat: Battle of the five armies

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The Battle of the five armies  Boardkit Questing path mat

I’m looking forward, like most of you I’m sure, to the final chapter in the Hobbit movie saga.  For those that want to replay the last of the On the doorstep saga adventures, The battle of five armies, I’ve assemble a Questing path mat for you. This adventure is special in that stages 2, 3 and 4 remain on the table and active until they are all completed.  This makes for a crowded mat, but as all of the these three stages have only 8 quest points, I managed to get them all in their, or almost.  You will see that stage 1 and 5 are at 90 degrees to the others and spill-out on the sides.  I think this works, because they do not have quest points of their own. This is a great adventure to play multiplayer and solo.  If your looking for decks to play this adventure with a friend or two-fisted, I recommend the ones created by Beorn form the Hall of Beorn and The Grey Company Podcast. The two deck are thematic and fun to play. I hope you enjoy the movie and the mat.  You will find the file in the download area as usual.   Stéphane Lord of Chance

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